Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC) is planning to construct a luxury hotel, named Voyager Station, in low earth orbit.

Voyager Station is expected to accommodate 400 people and feature facilities such as bars, restaurants, health spa, cinema, gyms, libraries, concert venues among others.

The company stated that construction will start in 2025.

The space hotel is expected to become operational in 2027, reported Daily Mail.

Details on the cost of the project have not been revealed yet.

OAC stated that along with tourism, its commercial space station will also allow national space agencies to have staging facilities to conduct low gravity research and training.

This hotel is expected to provide the comfort of low gravity and the feel of a nice hotel for space tourists.

The company’s website released a series of pictures and videos of the ambitious project.

The structure of the space hotel would be of two concentric rings. The inner ring would serve as a docking hub, while the outer ring  would act as the  ‘backbone of the station’.

The outer ring would feature habitat modules, research modules, solar panels, radiators, and rail transport system.

Voyager Station would be a rotating space station that could generate varying levels of artificial gravity by increasing or decreasing the rotation rate.

A trip to this hotel is expected to cost up to $25m.

The Gateway Foundation established OAC in 2018. The idea of Voyager Station was born in 2012, the year when Gateway was formed.

Gateway Foundation founder John Blincow said: “This will be the next industrial revolution.”