Sustainability is set to become a crucial theme across all industries around the world this decade. Although the term is often associated with the conservation of the environment, sustainability also talks about social and economic factors. 

The reason why the environmental aspect of sustainability gets more attention than social or economic is that having a positive impact on the environment also has a positive impact on the profits a company can make. As people become more aware of their impact on the environment and look to change it, they put their support into companies who care. 

Sadly, as a move to environmental consciousness came, with it came ‘green-washing’. This term describes how companies use terms such as ‘green’ and ‘eco’ in a misleading way. The knock-on effect of this is a sense of distrust with the consumer, and consumers start to ignore these terms entirely even they are genuine. 

Sustainability in Travel & Tourism – Thematic Research explores how the travel & tourism industry, in particular, should look to implement sustainable strategies. As airlines and other travel companies generate a high carbon footprint, it is important for these companies to look for eco-friendlier business strategies. Responsible travellers don’t want to cause a negative impact on the destinations they visit, instead, they want to make a positive impact. 

Key highlights of this report include:

  • Learn what sustainability means and how it is multi-faceted
  • Explore the issue of unsustainability in travel & tourism and how companies can combat it 
  • Take a look at the strategies companies are taking to be more sustainable
  • Understand how becoming green can increase a company’s success and reputation

Explore this key theme and the impact it will make on the world as we know it in the next decade. As pertaining to travel & tourism, understand how to use key trends to channelize resources for success. 

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