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Best Practices for Effective Channel Management: Perspective for Hotels

19th December 2011

Heads in beds is the key driver for all hotels - we know that if you don't have the occupancy to meet running costs then you will become another of those properties closing each week. Today's world requires a much more aggressive approach to sales and distribution. Your hotel needs to be visible, it needs to be value driven and it needs to be easy to book.

City markets are becoming more volatile with hoteliers selling on an average of ten websites; some sell across as many as 24 or more. Hoteliers can update their rates up to five times a day to secure their much needed occupancy levels; you too need to ensure that your rates are consistently reflective of market conditions and you do not price yourself out.

To help assess the effectiveness of your hotel's channel management techniques, use this best practice guide from eRevMax International to measure and benchmark your current strategy. Optimise your sales and achieve the occupancy that will make your business thrive.

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