• Wireless Worries

    While Wi-Fi is becoming more common in hotels, it nevertheless remains a difficult service to administer. Nigel Ash looks at a new way of providing free wireless access for hotel...

  • Future Trends In Upmarket Hotels

    Martin Hawthornthwaite looks at the elements that make up an upmarket hotel. For all that hotels focus on style and design, it is the quality of service that really sets...

  • An Event to Remember

    February's annual meeting of the European Hotel Managers Association in Budapest provided plenty of talking points. HMI presents some of the highlights.

  • All the Right Moves

    Chris Mumford, HVS Executive Search, gives some tips on job-hunting in the hospitality sector.

  • Three of the Best

    In the twenty-first century guests are more demanding about the food they eat and their diet. Rebecca Burgess reports on three hotels that are catering for individual health and lifestyle...

  • Life’s Little Luxuries

    Overpriced sparkling wine and salted peanuts are no longer making the grade in the mini bars of luxury hotels. Rebecca Burgess peeks inside the fridges of a selection of top...

  • Working Out What Guests Want

    Frequent travellers are increasingly concerned with being able to fit in a workout during their stay. Hotels therefore neglect their gym facilities at their peril. Nigel Ash looks at what...

  • Slipping Through the Net

    Ten years ago, the hotel industry floundered in the face of the internet revolution. It therefore lost valuable market share to web intermediaries specialising in online booking. Nigel Ash looks...

  • Variations on a Theme

    Themed rooms and love hotels have been popular in Japan for many years. They are now beginning to make their mark on European boutique hotel design. Rebecca Burgess tracks down...

  • WiFi Proves its Value

    Wireless internet access is vital to attracting business travellers and conferences. Nigel Ash explains why, despite the expense, WiFi is essential.


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