• Hard-Fought Campaigns

    Mark Twain once wrote: 'All saints can do miracles, but few of them can keep a hotel’. As Nigel Ash discovers, achieving the right mix of location, price and amenities...

  • Milan on the Move

    Milan is celebrated as the style capital of Europe, but most of its hotel guests are still business travellers. HMI editor Kerstin Zumstein asks the general managers of some of...

  • Connecting the Dots

    Diana Bentley looks at high-speed internet access and its applications for hotel conferencing. She finds that hotels are increasingly making strategic investments in their networks.

  • Creating First Impressions

    Lighting could fall down hoteliers’ lists of priorities in the face of serious modern threats. Taking this view would be short sighted, writes Ruth Allen.

  • Dublin Keeps Pace with Demand

    Dublin’s economy is booming and numbers of overseas visitors continue to rise. But can hotel performance follow suit? Deloitte’s Sarah Duignan reports.

  • From Talk to Action

    Diana Bentley talks to Ricci Obertelli, global development director of the Dorchester Group. He tells her about his rise from humble beginnings as a languages student to working at one...

  • Does the Hotel Telephone Have a Future?

    While the costs of running a telephone system remain constant, revenues get smaller and smaller. It’s every controller’s nightmare. That old telephone switch needs to be replaced soon, an enormous...

  • Poland Positioned for Growth

    Poland’s hotel industry is facing a number of obstacles and opportunities in its long-term future. Karen Smith, Poi Cheng Lai and Riikka Moreau of HVS International analyse the market.

  • The Price of Quality

    Salary levels are crucial to attracting and retaining top talent, but what is a fair wage? HVS Executive Search’s Chris Mumford has the answers.

  • UK Hotels Roll the Dice

    The Gambling Act 2005 should be a jackpot winner for the UK hotel industry. Rebecca Burgess looks at the industry’s plans to cash in on the prospect of 24-hour access...


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