Internal calls

Let your guests make free calls to other rooms or reception. Whatever they need, connect them with the right contact person with just the click of a button.

External calls

Most guests use their smartphone to make calls, but SuitePad Phone can offer a back-up option, for example, by enabling emergency calls. A restriction to toll-free calls is possible.

Integrated system (optional)

SuitePad Phone can be seamlessly integrated with your existing telephone system. This allows you to carry on using your current payment plan, and make calls independently from your WiFi connection.

You will also future-proof your telephone system for the inevitable transition to pure session initiation protocol (SIP) connections.

Service and support

Avoid dealing with multiple providers and technologies. With SuitePad Phone, all your telephone needs are integrated into one package. There are no initial costs, and we offer 24-hour support through our service partner.