dnp denmark Installation of the Month – April

dnp denmark at smk

The National Gallery of Denmark, SMK’s, ‘What’s Happening?’ exhibition features still and moving images on wire-hung screens.

SMK asked AV Center Copenhagen for technical advice and ended up with a solution featuring nine specialised dnp Ultra Contrast screens.

Understanding the challenge
When considering screens for the What’s Happening? exhibition, SMK first considered conventional projection options; however, disappointed by the quality of the still and moving images these options delivered, they called on AV Center Copenhagen for help. The challenge was to understand what worked best for installations using short-throw projectors, in an environment with bright, ambient light and very discerning visitors.

Rear-projection technology
AV Center Copenhagen was already familiar with dnp’s product portfolio and confident that its screens would prove a viable solution. dnp offers affordable Ultra Contrast screens with exceptionally good centre-to-corner brightness uniformity and bright, sharp images over a broad viewing area, even in strong ambient lighting.

However, to meet the precise demands of this project, dnp’s product development team tailor-made a screen for this specific purpose.

dnp head of R&D Søren Weis Lindegaard said: "We developed a customised version of our lenticular screen using two Fresnel lenses instead of one, to achieve a very short focal length and a uniform image."

It’s happening right now
The What’s Happening? exhibition is now open, with nine highly specialized 50in dnp Ultra Contrast screens suspended by wires from the ceiling. SMK’s artistic officers are sincerely appreciative of AV Center Copenhagen and dnp’s technical contribution to the success of the exhibition.

This installation serves as shining example of what can be achieved with a combination of dnp screen technologies and good installer-client collaboration.

Lindegaard added: "It will undoubtedly serve as inspiration to other museums around the world."

Image: dnp’s Ultra Constrast screens at the SMK exhibition. Photo: courtesy of dnp denmark.

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